Luis Barreiro, PhD                                            Bana Jabri, MD, PhD
Director                                                             Associate Co-Director


The Multiparametric Host Cell Analysis (MHC) Core provides the community: consulting services for human tissue isolation, analysis and cell sorting protocols adapted to the different forms of assays, and development of customized antibody panels for high resolution cellular tissue profiling of human samples using spectral flow cytometry. The MHC also offers advanced flow cytometry sorting of 6 different populations of cells from a tissue sample based on the detection of 28 fluorescence marker using an advanced BD Biosciences sorter (FACSymphony S6 High Parameter Cell Sorter), MHC Core can advise with the study design of genomic experiments; offers a series of pre-optimized genomic assays (e.g., single-cell RNA-seq, epigenetic profiles); standardized and validated analytical pipelines for the analyses of different genomic datasets, and bioinformatics support for genomic and flow cytometry data analysis.

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