Since its founding in 1990, the University of Chicago (UChicago) Digestive Diseases Research Core Center (DDRCC) for Interdisciplinary Study of Inflammatory Intestinal Disorders (C-IID) has stood at the forefront of medical research. Today, we have a research base of over 70 members. Our four research cores are each led by top investigators, committed not only to the highest level of innovation in their own fields, but to sharing their research with colleagues in other cores allowing an integrated, multidisciplinary approach that encompass collaborative science.

C-IID Goals

  • To foster and strengthen multi-disciplinary and collaborative DD research to advance the science and translation of discovery in DD.
  • To enhance the collaborative environment and enable cutting edge research by anticipating and leveraging new technologies and expertise to develop cost-effective, high quality core services.
  • To attract new investigators to DD-related research by developing cross-cutting initiatives and fostering interaction and collaborations with C-IID investigators.
  • To develop and implement programs for training and establishment of young investigators in DD-related research through a robust Enrichment program and P&F program.
  • To promote robust translational research in DD through development of programmatic initiatives and infrastructure, both intramural and extramural.


Please acknowledge support from the UChicago DDRCC, Center for Interdisciplinary Study of Inflammatory Intestinal Disorders (C-IID) (NIDDK P30 DK042086) in your publications and presentations.